Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AriZonA....we are here :]

Hello everyone, this is Rae and Jenna reporting to you about our adventurous day. It started with an early flight to las vegas. While on this airplane...some of us had the chance to meet some very interesting people. One of them, being underage decided to have a few. It was also his first flight...that sure was an expierence. During the layover in Las Vegas coach told a few of us to find our way to the next gate. Some wondered off in there own little world. I don't think this will be happening again, although it was a good learning experience. Then, to top it off, our team went crazy and made a music video, which was inspired by us watching Step Up 2. Our first team meeting went well, although the coaches walked in with shocked and with faces of "what in the world are ya'll doing." Soon, we are off to sleep to get ready for our first game tomorow morning at 10:15. NiGht :] Buenos noches

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