Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Youth Team Match #2 vs. Puget Sound Recap

Intermountain Youth defeat Puget Sound 3-2 (25-22, 25-13, 19-25, 18-25, 15-10)

Statistical Leaders
Digs - Jenna (21)
Blocks - Kaitlyn (8)
Ace - Maline (4)
Passing - Cortney (2.4)
Kill % - Turia (.800) - (4 kills/0 errors/1 attempt)
Kills - Bailey (11)

Thoughts from Scooter:
I was personally REALLY excited for this match since this was the team that we lost to last year in the Championship Match in Salt Lake. It was a hard fought match last year that was full of excitement, energy and extremely high level of play. The coaches of the teams are the same, however ALL of the players are different but you know coaches...once a rivalry is born it sticks and becomes a match that all look forward to. The Puget Sound coaches and their players are high class people and athletes and even though we have hard fought battles on the court, we are great friends off the court. So, that being said, this match did not disappoint. We came out in game 1 and game 2 with lots of energy, lots of teamwork and we won fairly easily. Then we entered game 3 and Puget Sound came out on fire, digging every ball we sent, serving us very tough and really rattled our cage a bit. We lost game three and game four and entered game 5 with a big and LOUD crowd watching us, cheering for us and feeling MUCH more stress than the players and coaches were I'm sure. Our Select team was also there watching so we had a crowd of about 40 people or so and they were rocking the fans here. The players gave every once of energy both physcially and emotionally that they had and us coaches gave them everything we had too. The energy on our court went from an 8 out of 10 to a 15 out of 10 in a matter of minutes and went to a 20 when we came out and scored the first 3 points of the game very quickly. We fought hard through a very tough game and pulled it out in the end. It was such a great match played with lots of heart and passion while at the same time learning how to take tactical information and apply it to the match (following a game plan), which most of the girls have not really experienced full on yet. I am so excited about this team, unfortunately we only have them for 10 days but Martha and I will do the best we can in teaching them all we can in that time. So far they are doing great and you can literally see the improvement play by play.

Tonight we are just resting after a hard fought day and getting our minds off of volleyball. The girls are cooking dinner along with Paula Mitchell (who is AWESOME) and just hanging out and enjoying the new friendships. We will have a team meeting at 9:00 tonight to talk about our next opponent and to go over the scouting report. We play Ohio Valley at 10:15am. If we win then we are 3-0 and win our pool and move to the top 8.

Thoughts from Kaitlyn and Jenna:
The match against Puget Sound was very intense. The first two games...we sure did bring it!! And when we bring it...we bring it HARD!! Then the third game, the other team raised their level of play and beat us. The fourth game was our own fault by making stupid mistakes. THEN CAME THE FIFTH............lets just say....we turned up the tucson heat baby!! We went out there with the attitude of winning and playing our best! We were so determined, and every point was like game point. Our coaches gave us all the energy they had, as well as the crowd. In return, we gave it back! We won the fifth game and left everything on the floor! It was an amazingly fun game and we're out! PEACE!!

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