Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rachel and Jessika's BLOGASTRON :)

Hi everyone, Rachel and Jessika here to tell you about our team's first day in Tucson. It started off EARLY but exciting............we met up at the Salt Lake City airport at 7:15 (talk about early!). Anyways, our flight was just grand other then the part where Rachel left her wallet in the plane (but she got it back after several minutes of intense running through the very large Las Vegas airport- what a cardio workout!!). After the relaxing flights we pulled into our hotel in the 12 passenger van (talk about claustrophobia) The hotel includes a pool/hot tub, and a tennis court. The hotel is nice although our tennis skills could use some work!!!!!!!!!!!! After we checked in we went out to a Mexican restaurant where Biscottie (a.k.a. Josh) busted some STRANGE moves while Challie swallowed a fly!!!!!!(long story) As you can see our day was very relaxing but tomorrow will be much more intense!!!!!!!!!! We will start our tournament tomorrow at 10:15 when we play team Aloha........ We will keep you posted on how our week goes, and if anyone else swallows a fly!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

hi rachel and jessika this is kaylie! it sounds like you guys are having tons of fun!!! good luck, play hard and win!!!!! luv you guys!


Anonymous said...

hey i had so much fun with you two racheal you are so funny and jessie you are so so funny