Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skudoosh (word of the day)

Hey this is Carley and Jackie aka Shrimp (Carley) and The Green Giant (Jackie). Today we played Gulf Coast...again. We almost won the first game but we killed them the next three games and we won the match. We passed a 1.56 (and reached our goal) and we served really well in the match.

After the match we went back to the hotel and showered and then we went to the mall!! We ate lunch at the mall and we bought stuff...pretty exciting!! Guh!

Some of us swam when we got back to the hotel and then some of us went with Lindsay and Josh to watch Scooter's team play.

Today I, Carley, was an idiot and stood up on my bed after swimming and the fan turning full speed whacked me in the head and gave me a lump and a cut on my head and that I guess was the funniest thing that happened today...but it really wasn't.

For dinner we went with the parents that are here and the team to Sweet Tomatoes. It was superb.

And thats about it, tomorrow we will play to win our wish us luck and skudoosh!!

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha
that is so funny i had so much fun being the smallest and yougest it was still fun thank you i had fun