Sunday, July 27, 2008

Youth Team Match #8 vs. Oklahoma (Bronze Medal Match) Recap

Intermountain Youth defeated by Oklahoma 2-3 (23-25, 25-17, 20-25, 25-20, 15-11)

Statistical Leaders
Digs - Jenna (15)
Blocks - Bailey (8)
Aces - Rae (5)
Passing - Jenna/Nikki/Cortney (all had a 2.18)
Kill % - Turia (1.000)
Kills - Bailey (13)

Thoughts from Scooter:
Today was another hard fought match but yet another where we lost in 5 games. It was very similar to last night but none of the girls really seemed to have the "fire" today...more of a going through the motions kind of thing and almost seemed to be afraid to lose. Martha and I just kept trying to tell them the tactical information as to where to hit, serve and defend but rarely were those items excecuted. We talked after the match and talked about how losing is not fun but it does make you better so long as you take what you experience and learn from it by applying the lesson next time so that you are better. We are about to go to lunch at the place of choosing by the girls so I will let someone right their thoughts and then we are off.

Thoughts from Martha:
It is hard to loss three 5 game matches! As we circled up after our last match today, I thought about what needs to be addressed. You players need to be better. You need to play more, risk more, touch more balls, be around volleyball more! You need more more more! There are no small things and we lost because of small things. We lost because we need to be better. Better in skills and technique, better in our minds, better in our hearts. I feel I can write this because you did get better. This team wants to get better. This team needs to get better simply because you can. If we get better, we will crave 5 game situations. We will crave to serve the last game point ball. Crave to pass, set, KILL! There is something inside you players that needs to awaken, and do not be afraid of the beast you may awaken. Never settle. Never Quit. Never let yourself beat you. I challenge all you players to reflect upon how you felt when it came down to the wire, were you scared, were you nervous, were you unhappy? If you were...something is wrong. Something needs to change. I say all this because I love you. I believe you can be more. You all can become more! Thank you for your time, effort and love. Volleyball is an amazing sport and I am proud to be a part of it. I hope you leave this experience with joy in your heart and an overwhelming desire to become more!

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