Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hey, this is Jessika and Challie for the FINAL BLOG! Today we started off bright and early with a match at 8:00 a.m. and man was that early!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ended up losing in four games against a team from New York. It was a disappointing loss, but after we looked back on the entire experience we realized that we had learned so much. We all grew in our own personal ways.

After our match we went and watched the first 2 games of the youth's team match (they lost in 5 sets). Later we went to In and Out Burger for lunch, and we almost witnessed an arrest. Then, we went to Target for a scavenger hunt. The teams were Jessika, Lyndie, Tipper, and Hannah then, Challie, Carley, Crystal, and Brittyn. (Rachel and Jackie had already left with their families to drive home) The teams had to find items from left handed golf club to polydenture cream. We finished with a tie breaker so to find the winners we went into a bonus round. As we were running threw the building a police officer stopped us and almost kicked us out for taking pictures in the store. Eventually the team including Jessika, Lyndie, Tipper, and Hannah won and their prize was pink party hats while the other team had to wear pirate patches over their eye, and a fake earring.

Now we are at the airport about to leave for our flight home. The whole experience of High Performance was exciting and lots of fun, and as we said before a great learning experience. We are excited to see our family and friends, but at the same time were all sad the trip is almost done. We would like to say thank you so much to the coaches, and everyone who has made this trip possible for us, and we will see you all soon!!!!!!

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