Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arrival into Tucson

Hey everyone, this is Scooter. I hope this blog is finding it's way to all of you who are wondering how we are doing. Thanks to Josh for getting this all set up and looking nice!

It is 4:15 local time right now and all we have safely arrived in Tucson and all the girls are resting in their hotel rooms. We had an early morning but had a couple of adventures along the way (mostly in Las Vegas on our layover) that we will let the girls talk about in their nightly journal entry on here later this evening.

Lindsay and I checked our teams in and the facility is all set up. We saw teams from all over the nation as well as Chile, Puerto Rico, Canada and Peru. We met the coaches from Chile and in their broken English and our broken Spanish said hello and good luck.

The girls are really excited for our week here in the deep southwestern U.S. and have the goal of having our best "performance" level that we can. We have recieved our schedule for the tournament...you can see all the tournament info and schedule at: http://volleyball.teamusa.org/event/event/244

Youth Team - Wed 10:15 vs. Carolina and 3:45 vs. Puget Sound
Select Team - Wed 10:15 vs. Aloho and 3:45 vs. Northern California

Both teams will play on Thursday at 10:15am vs. Gulf Coast (Select) and Ohio Valley (Youth). They will both play another match on Thursday afternoon but that match time will not be decided until after the 10:15am match on Thursday. The format is that we will play a Pool of 4 over 1.5 days...top 2 move up to Gold, bottom 2 move to Silver and start another pool of 4 on Thursday evening. We will play 2 matches per day except for Sunday when we play just 1 match.

For those of you interested, you can also follow how our teams are doing in Brazil at www.imhpbrazil.blogspot.com


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