Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tipper's and Lyndi's Blog!!!

Hi, this is Tipper and Lyndie (just incase you missed you missed our title thingy). On the way back from our first WIN!! we jammed out to some serious tunes. Haha. Ae rocked the van and got some weird looks from some soccer moms in mini vans. During our second match of the day nobody knew what position they were playing and neither did the coaches. Crystal finished off our match with an overpass kill straight down on the girl's head. Lyndie was tired and passed out during dinner so she isn't going to write about it anymore than that because she knows nothing about it. Although on the way into Paula's room for dinner we managed to find a moth laying eggs on her curtains. After our team meeting the chick behind the counter was hitting on Josh. Then Ms. Leigh, the old grandma at the dinner place who apparently likes our team and this is her last night with us because she is off the next three days was also hitting on josh and giving him hugs after her last nights tormentation of him.

Kiss, kiss, loves! haha.
Tipper and Lyndie

(Lyndie)peace and i love you Wade, Parker, and Kenzie + Kim

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Anonymous said...

HI tipper and lyndi this is Kaylie!!!!! i wish i was there way bad!!! good luck the rest of the games i am looking at this website every day!!!!!!! great job!!! luv you all,


P.S. if you get this tell me that you did cause i dont know if it will work.