Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday After Lunch

Hey this is Crystal and Carley. At our next match, we lost in three games but we did make some improvements when we looked at our stats that night. Our passing was 2X better and we felt like since we played a harder team so we played better and harder than the last match.

After our match we went over to watch Scooter's team play and we cheered them on. They won their first two and the last. We were cheering them on while they were playing their 5th game. As we cheered Lindsay taught us a cheer that the Puerto Rican parents do every time they score a point: " Ooh ahh ooh ahh ooh ahh...yes!"

When we came back, Paula made delicious spaghetti for us. While eating, Challie dumped her spaghetti on her chair HA HA HA HA. After dinner we had a team meeting at nine and we went over the good and bad things we did that day and what we could improve on. We also went over responsibility and to remind ourselves who we are representing.

So now were going to play this morning at 10:15 and hopefully after all we talked about as a team, we can do better and improve today.


Ken Rasmussen said...

Hey, This is Carley's Dad Ken. I heard you guys won both matches today...way to go!!! Thanks for doing this blog

Anonymous said...

hi crystal and carley!!!!! this is kaylie!!!! nice kill crystal that girl probably had to ice her head or something. haha, so good luck with the next games!!!!!!! luv ya guys!!!!